Saturday, January 7, 2012

The sparks of electricity in my brain.

Why can't I not have little sleep,
It's just for a little bleep,
For as I do not sleep,
Then the dance of popping will be in my heed,
The electricity in my brain starts to have short circuit,
As I did not have enough sleep in blanket.

The world seems too bright for me,
What does the wonders of the world can offer me,
I can't see what they have in store for me,
as I am blinded with a flashbang with black-tinted glasses.

What is to become of me,
I am fragile and that is the woe of me,
No stress should be delivered upon me,
As I will be trembling softly.

But all hope is not lost,
As my will is strong,
I am the master of my own curse,
I will not curse upon this curse,
I shall make this curse my own,
As this path of mine is my own.