Monday, January 23, 2012

Awkward day with Maz?

This happened during the final days of my first semester,
We were all searching for our literature lecturer, Dr. Cynthia but she was not to be found,
So me and the others was trolling around the 9th floor of Menara SAAS when i noticed some of my former CourseMates (Mass Comm) were on the same level as well,
I guess they had some sort of presentation or somekind, probably some BEL thingy,
If I remember correctly, there was Taqie, Marz, Farah, Alya, and some others,
I saw Mazlina Nina coming along towards me and my trolling instinct told me to ask her on what's going on,
I yelled out towards the hall, 'MAZ!',
Then Marz and the gang looks at me with astonishment and was wondering why I was calling out her name for after 2 years of not communicating with each other,
While trying not to do my troll face I asked Maz what was going on and she said she had no clue,
I gave my most awesome not looking look and noticed that she was like, what... I thought he was calling me for no reason..

At the time, my face was like this.