Friday, February 19, 2010

What is Izzy and Johnny?

Well guys and gals..
Izzy is actually my nickname whereas Johnny is also my nickname..
Izzy is commonly used by my peers in uitm whereas Johnny is used in college*
(college is where we stay and live in uitm so to speak..)
so that come to a conclusion..
Izzy and Johnny is the same person!!
Izzy is Johnny!!
Don't ask how the name Johnny came to be as it is a tradition here from the seniors on how we juniors get the names..
very funny and kinda humiliating in a certain point of view..
real name by the way would be Izzuddin Ikbal, 19 today, 20 this year, a student in uitm, studying for his diploma in mass communication and media studies..
any inquiries should be directed to him..
till then..

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